Corona Virus

Verano 2020

At this time, when we are faced with an exceptional situation caused by COVID-19, we want you to know that the safety and health of our customers and employees is our priority. We will strictly follow all the recommendations regarding hygiene, preventive habits and protective measures recommended by the WHO and national and local health authorities. Repeated disinfection will be carried out at customer service counters, especially between customer service. A professional cleaning of each vehicle will be carried out, disinfection with the indicated products to minimize any risk of transmission. The use of a mask will not be mandatory since it is NOT a contact sport. We are monitoring the situation and pending any new recommendation from the local and international competent health authorities to implement any new measure that may contribute to slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Jet ski Blanes recovers its activity after the break caused by the health crisis of the Covid-19 coronavirus. We have resumed the activity after authorization to practice the sport and the subsequent passage to phase 2. The Costa Brava and its surroundings are once again filled with athletes.

2019 Season



Verano 2019

I will not say that we already had all the experience in the world because it would be a lie. Every day you go out to sea fills you with anecdotes and different situations in which you learn non-stop, knowing if it is good to go to sea or not depending on the weather is very important, to give the best experience to all who want to enjoy a jet ski. Also in 2019 we started doing more things on the social media level so that our passion for jet skis would reach more audiences and show part of these experiences with photos and videos. That is why we also created the web and the Blog, where I am writing a little bit of all these experiences so that you know us.

2018 Season


Segundo asalto

Verano 2018

We are back in 2018, with even more desire than the first year and also with a little more experience. We put in a lot of effort that summer, working all day at sea to meet the demand we had for this extraordinary water sport. In first person I saw the two faces of going on a jet ski, download adrenaline enjoying the speed and also being able to relax, disconnect and connect with the sea. It was a season full of experiences that made me grow and would serve me for next year.

2017 Season


Lets Start

Summer 2017

In 2017 we started with this jet ski or jet ski project, since in a coastal town tourism in the summer season is the order of the day and water sports are a very attractive attraction for tourists who want to have a good time on your vacation. These boats are perfect for traveling long distances in a short time. But they are also perfect for quiet little excursions along the coast. Jet skis are environmentally friendly, as their turbine propulsion system performs a process of water oxygenation. For all this we started this adventure, with attitude and eager to grow in this sector.

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